1992. BKK, Thailand.
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hicctoothastrid said: Are you german? :>

nope, I’m Thai but I know some German ^^

Ein Teil 
Some parts of my project :)

how Bucky rolls
back to work.

hot2trt said: Hi there I'm really interested in buying your mu fan book but have no clue where I should place my order or if I can at this point


Thanks for your e-mail. I’m glad for your interest in my book but all the books are sold out completely.. So if you are looking for a new reprint of the book, I’m about to make new copies of it please let me know your location Then I can ship it to you :’D

howtotrainyourtears said: So I just saw you were either from BKK, or currently in BKK and just wanted to say i'm your country neighbor :D In Laos right now :)

Hi! sorry for my weird english and I’m so sorry for the late reply..(I check only at certain times.) btw nice to meet you! I hope we can be friends and we can have a little chat about any subject you have an interest in :D

coming soon.